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Demand Curtailment and Load Management

Although the need for additional generation capacity is evident in many areas of the United States, bringing that new capacity on line will take years. In the interim, an increasing number of states are offering incentives to commercial and industrial energy users to curtail their use of energy during periods of peak system demand, or anytime the users are willing to forgo operations in exchange for the financial incentives offered by the state’s independent system operator (ISO). (See www.nyiso.org or www.caiso.org for more details about incentive programs offered by New York and California).

The financial incentives offered vary with by state and by the specific programs offered. In general, the commercial or industrial energy user can be expected to be compensated as if they, the user, had actually generated an amount of power equivalent to the amount they curtailed (vs. a “baseline” amount.)

Enetics’ PowerScape System, consisting of one or more networked PowerNode recorders, and PowerScape Software, provides the user and the utility serving the user with the metering and computing resources necessary to participate effectively in today’s curtailment programs including:

  • Recording and data collection of the site’s actual energy use.
  • Automatic calculation of the user’s “baseline” energy use; as defined by the relevant Independent System Operator.
  • Ability to aggregate energy information from across multiple sites.
  • Immediate notification in the event that the ISO calls an emergency curtailment or accepts your energy curtailment bid.
  • Notification if energy consumption or power quality parameters meet specific conditions that you can program.

In addition, Enetics will work closely with your operations staff to build your own economic models into our PowerScape software so that you have a comprehensive set of software decision tools to assess the economic viability of a prospective curtailment decision.

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