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Facility Energy Management

With today’s high energy costs and high-end processes sensitive to the quality of power delivered, maintaining efficient plant operation while reducing energy costs has become extremely important. The Enetics PowerScape Energy Management System provides Energy Management tools that enable facilities personnel to:

  • Accurately assess all aspects of your facility’s energy profile including consumption, power quality (harmonics, distortion, events, etc.), power factors, and time-based trended data.
  • Monitor multiple locations and aggregates the results.
  • Uses your facility Ethernet LAN to communicate energy data.
  • View real-time data and real-time supply waveforms (voltage and current) from anywhere in the world using the Internet.
  • Get immediate notifications from the system or activate relay contacts when energy parameters you select exceed criteria thresholds you program. Notification can be through automatic paging messages, email, or enunciators.
  • Perform predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • Reduce energy costs.

The PowerScape System Software stores data from the recorders in an “open” SQL database and provides extensions to Microsoft Excel to provide the user with graphical query and analysis capability. Users are not locked into a proprietary software package that puts them at the mercy of a single supplier. When the data is presented in Microsoft Excel, it becomes immediately available to the user for constructing new graphs, reports, exporting, or performing any of the other numerous functions available in Excel.

PowerScape stores recorder data automatically in the SQL database so that data from multiple recorders over any selected time range can be immediately aggregated. Data files are also saved from each data collection for users that have the need for special data archiving or for data auditing. These data files can also be read directly by Microsoft Excel.

Maximum flexibility, minimum complexity, optimum value are yours with Enetics PowerScape System and PowerScape Software.

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