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Residential Energy Monitoring

The Enetics SPEED™ (Single Point End-user Energy Disaggregation) recorder can be used to not only obtain total residence energy consumption, but also the energy consumption of individual appliances in the residence. This information can be used for load research, monitoring demand side management programs and addressing high bill complaints.

Recording residential energy consumption is easy with the Enetics SPEED (Single Point End-user Energy Disaggregation) recorder. This is a meter adapter recorder which simply plugs into the meter base and then the meter plugs into the meter adapter to close the circuit. In addition, the SPEED recorder is the only recorder on the market which can give you energy consumption of individual appliances in the residence by making measurements only at the meter. This is done using patented power signature recognition algorithms and avoids having to install individual power recording units at each appliance. Major applications are:

  • Load research
  • Verification of DSM programs
  • Formulation of TOU pricing by load type
  • Detection of theft of services
  • Resolution of high bill complaints.
Power suppliers can also enhance their customer service and image by providing to the customer information (perhaps for a nominal fee) about where his high energy consumption is coming from. Enetics also provides a service whereby we will analyze the data and provide a report regarding energy consuming loads.

Related Products:

The LD-1100 and LD-1200 recorders incorporate the proprietary Enetics SPEED technology. SPEED™ (Single Point End-Use Energy Disaggregation) technology, determines energy consumption of individual loads by installing a special function metering device at a single point; either at the meter or at the breaker panel, and without requiring expensive instruments attached to each appliance. (87%-97% accurate). This makes possible not only monitoring/recording energy consumption of the whole residence, but also the individual appliances within.

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