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Demand Curtailment And Load Management

The Enetics PowerScape Energy Monitoring and Management System product line has three programmable relay contact outputs. These can be programmed for operation on an event or other preset condition. Enetics software is also specifically designed to assist in decision making for participants in Demand Curtailment programs.

Facility Energy Management

The Enetics PowerScape Energy Monitoring and Management System provides automatic real-time remote notification via TXT (SMS) messaging to your cell phone based on a measured condition exceeding a threshold level that you define.  Together with notification, the product also automatically activates switch outputs to turn loads off or on to help you automatically manage your energy profile.   The PowerScape product line reports in real-time and records comprehensive power consumption data, such as KW, KVA, KVAR, True Power Factor, Displacement Power Factor, (more than 30 parameters). All data is time stamped allowing time and possible causes of high demand charges or power factor penalties to be identified. 

Substation Monitoring

In cases where power quality problems are suspected of originating from a specific substation, a portable PowerNode recorder can be used to capture events and harmonic information.  For ongoing monitoring of substations, Enetics offers permanent mount units that can notify personal whenever power quality events are detected.

Residential Energy Monitoring

The Enetics SPEED (Single Point End-user Energy Disaggregation) recorder can be used to not only obtain total residence energy consumption, but also the energy consumption of individual appliances in the residence. This information can be used for load research, monitoring demand side management programs and addressing high bill complaints.

Alternate Energy Monitoring

As new sources of alternate energy become economical, monitoring/recording equipment is required to verify efficiency and economics. Enetics continues to develop specialized recorders for these applications, the first of which is the SPEED PV Recorder for residential Photovoltaic applications.

Power Quality Monitoring

The Enetics PowerScape Energy Monitoring and Management System product line monitors and records both power consumption and power quality data simultaneously. PowerNode recorders are available in both portable and permanent mount units with modem and Ethernet LAN communication capability.

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