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SPEED™ LD-1203 AES Alternate Energy Recorder

Enetics LD-1203AES SPEED™ recorder together with associated software products measures, records, stores, and analyzes:

  •  Whole building energy

  •  Energy supplied to the building by an alternate energy source

  •  Energy consumption of individual appliances in the house

and does so from a single point and without the necessity of adding any metering or other equipment at any the individual appliances.

To obtain whole premises, Alternate Energy Source (AES), and end-use energy consumption information the following steps are performed.

  •  Configure the recorder using either the Master Station or Field Station to establish the data collection settings and the communication method (this step may be performed at the time of recorder installation if desired).

  • Install the recorder

  • After the recorder has been installed a sufficient time period to capture data, upload the collected data to the Master Station for retention in the Master Station database.  Upload of the data may be accomplished automatically over a phone line, or may be done through manual (i.e. walk-up) collection of data and transfer to the Master Station.

  • At the Master Station, process the collected data using the SPEED algorithm.  This activity results in interval data being generated for both end-uses and the whole premises.

  • Analysis Station may then be used for analysis of the interval data for the aggregate whole building + Alternate Energy Source (AES), the AES independently, and individual appliance characteristics for any unnamed appliances – This results in user-learned corrections for appliance models including naming.

The LD-1203AES SPEED™ recorder is housed in a NEMA enclosure. The recorder is installed adjacent to the residence’s electric service panel in close proximity to the inverter for the Alternate Energy Source (AES). The recorder is compatible with standard 200A 120/240 3-wire, 60Hz electrical services; the recorder’s third channel (Phase C) is used to independently monitor current and voltage (power) supplied by the Alternate Energy Source (AES). 

Once installed, the recorder:

  • Measures voltage and current on each service leg and from the Alternate Energy Source (AES)

  •  Records and stores aggregate whole premises (grid + AES) kW; and, independently, generated AES kW at user-selectable intervals

  • Records and stores aggregate whole premises (grid + AES) kWh consumption; and, independently, generated AES kWh for time of use

  • Records on/off events; (if the combined load (Watt + var) change is greater than a configurable threshold, the recorder records the magnitude of the change, time stamp and the service leg on which the event occurred)

  • Calculates and stores Vrms, Irms, Watts and VARs (both aggregate grid/AES and alternate energy source)

  • Communicates with the Master Station to upload data, view latest readings and obtain new configuration data

 all contents copyright © 2012 Enetics, Inc. - email info@enetics.com with all comments and questions