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SPEED™ LDS-1070 Master Station Software

SPEED™ Master Station is a personal computer based system that provides management of Field Recorders and NIALMS (Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring System) processing to generate end-use interval data. Recorder data is retrieved by Master Station over a standard phone line (or through walk-up collection using Field Station).

The Master Station plots edge transition data on a watt-versus-VAR graph. Transitions from individual appliances form clusters of points on the watt-VAR graph which indicate the presence of a unique load.

Simultaneous and missing edge transitions are reconciled through advanced algorithms and end-use profiles are created for each load prior to load naming. By matching these load profiles a positive identification is made and the specific appliance is tagged by name.

Key Features

  • Manages recorder configurations, call schedules, locations, demographic information
  • Processes recorder data into individual load interval data
  • Performs as server and database manager for
    - energy consumption data
    - temperature data
    - Analysis Station queries
    - other queries
  • Runs within Windows NT environment

SPEED™ Master Station Computer Hardware Requirements

The Master Station software can be installed on standard personal computer workstations with the necessary resources. The minimum and recommended hardware requirements for running the Master Station software are:

Parameter Minimum Recommended
CPU Pentium 120 Mhz Pentium II 266 Mhz or better
Operating System Windows NT4 or 2000
SQL 6.5 (server or workstation)
Windows NT4 or 2000
SQL 6.5 (server or workstation)
Memory 64 Mbytes 128 Mbytes
Video PCI 800x600 PCI 1024x768
Hard Drive 4Gbyte 8Gbyte
CRT 15" Non Interlaced 17" Non Interlaced
CD-ROM Drive not required 8x
Modem Hayes Acura 28.8 kbps (must be capable of 2.4kbps) Hayes Acura 28.8kbps (must be capable of 2.4kbps)

SPEED™ Master Station is a proprietary Enetics software application which requires Microsoft Windows NT and SQL Server. Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft SQL software are not included with Master Station software. All operations of the Master Station Software use the standard Microsoft Windows conventions for user interface.

"Windows" and "Excel" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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