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SPEED™ LDS-1081 Annual Maintenance and Support

Enetics offers our customers Annual Software Maintenance and Support for our SPEED software products. Software specifically covered by our Maintenance and Support service include:

Customers electing to purchase the LDS-1081 support will receive the following services for a period of 1 year commencing on the date of receipt of payment:

  1. Technical staff point of contact. The customer will be assigned a primary point of contact for the coordination of all technical questions submitted to Enetics. The point of contact will be responsible for “cradle-to-grave” response of customer inquiries, coordinating with both the customer and any/all necessary Enetics internal resources required to resolve technical issues and/or answer software-related technical questions.
  2. Unlimited telephone software technical support. This support provides the customer with telephone-based information about software operational questions, or resolutions of technical issues/questions related to operating any of the software products listed above. The support is provided by competent individuals from Enetics’ technical staff, and coordinated by the assigned point-of-contact. The telephone support provided is specifically for resolving operational questions posed by the customer, and does not include data-analysis services. Information about techniques and operational tips related to performing data analysis will be provided if required.
  3. New releases of any of the software products listed above that were previously purchased by the customer. All new releases of the above software products already licensed by the customer occurring during the 1-year term of the Maintenance and Support service will be provided to the customer. There is no guarantee that, for the specific 12 month period of the purchased service, a new release will, in fact, occur; however, if multiple releases occur during the 1-year period, participating customers will get licenses for each new release, in whatever quantity that customer had previously purchased the software.
  4. Gaps in Maintenance and Support Service. If new software version releases occur at a time when the customer is not covered by the Maintenance and Support Service, the customer may have to purchase version upgrades of those new releases in order to be compatible with new software releases offered under a subsequently-purchased Maintenance and Support Service. That is, some new releases may require a minimum specific version to already be installed. If the installed software is older than the required version, an upgrade can be purchased separately. Obviously, firms participating continuously in the Maintenance and Support Service will always have the most recent versions of our software.
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