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LM-1312 Meter Adapter Recorder

A Versatile Meter Base "Plug-In" Recorder.    Data Bulletin

The LM-1312 is a Form 2S residential meter adapter recorder designed to simply plug into a meter base to simultaneously record more than 30 energy parameters along with harmonics, disturbance events, waveform capture, and flicker.  The unit has captive internal CT’s making installation and current measurement easy and can be programmed to send real time notification when a measured condition exceeds a user-programmed threshold.   Data is kept in the meter in non-volatile flash memory so that no data is ever lost and there is no battery maintenance required to preserve recorded data.

Energy Measurements
The unit records more than 30 energy parameters including Voltage, Current, kW, kVAR, kVA, True and Displacement Power Factors, for each leg, total, and both the single-cycle minimum and single-cycle maximum values for each interval, as well as line Frequency.  Time stamps are Internet synchronized.


Power Quality
More and more residences have become vulnerable to power quality problems because of home offices and so many appliances using sensitive electronics.  The LM-1312 records voltage, current, swell and sag events, total harmonic distortion (THD%) for both voltage and current  and even measures and records individual harmonics.  Easy to use software generates charts and reports in Excel® eliminating software compatibility problems.  At a glance, sags or loose neutrals can be identified.  And you still have the Excel®  data to manipulate to do other calculations if necessary.


Form:                         2S

Voltage                       2
Current                       2 (simultaneous voltage and current sampling)

Voltage                       120/240
Current                        Form 2S—200 amps 

Non-volatile without battery backup

Typical Data Storage Time:
15 Min Interv/16 Parameters:    600 Days min
15 Min Interv/117 Parameters:  100 Days min
Software reports recording time at setup.  Waveform and event capture storage is independent from interval data storage.
Up to 3000 events are saved in non-volatile memory.

Sample Rate/Response Time:
32 samples/cycle for interval data
128 samples/cycle for harmonic analysis

End-to-End Accuracy:
+ 0.2% reading + 0.1% FS
+ 0.2% reading + 0.2% FS
+ 0.5% reading + 0.01% FS
Power Factor 
+ 1%
+ 1%
+ .1% ;  .01 Hz Resolution

ANSI C12.16 

Recording Interval: 15 sec to 1 hour

Flicker: EN61000-4-15

Harmonics:  V and I Up to 25th
Voltage THD (% Fundamental)
Current THD (% Fundamental or RMS Amps)

Disturbance Events: Auto Trigger; Record Up to 10,000

Waveform Capture: Auto Trigger; 2 cycles pre-trigger; 6 cycles post-trigger

Native Open Protocol - Modbus RTU
Serial Port up to 57.6 kbps
Integral Hayes compatible telephone modem

Communications Options:
Ethernet and USB
2 Independent Simultaneous Comm Sessions

Storage Option

Add-in board for removable Secure Digital (SD) flash storage 

Power: 85—265 VAC, 47—63 Hz.
Automatically from service
Real-Time Clock:  Battery backed during power loss
No Data Battery Maintenance 

EMC: EN55022 Class B Radiated 

Environmental/Physical: CE Certified
Operating Temp Range: -20
oC to +70oC

Size: 10.5” x 9.25” x 5.5”
(26.7 x 23.5 x 14 cm)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg)
Weather: Full conformal coating 

(Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice)


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