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LM-5500 Series PowerNode Recorder / Analyzer

Permanent Mount Power Analyzer/Recorders (LM-5510/LM-5515/LM-5520)
Your Affordable Line Of First Defense!

  • Three Phase 600v Monitor/Recorder
  • Power Quality + Power Consumption
  • Weatherproof casing for outdoor installation
  • Modem/Paging Options
  • Self-Powered; Dual Range; Flexible; SMART CT’s
  • Free Software
  • CE Certified
  • 3 Year Warranty

The LM-5500 series comprises three unique 3-phase 600v recorders (Models LM-5510, LM-5515, and LM-5520) each capable of simultaneously recording 4 voltages, 4 currents with events and power consumption. The 5515 and 5520 add full power quality analysis features including harmonic and waveform capture capability. The 5520 also has load control relay outputs.  The fourth voltage and current channels allow neutral-ground voltage and neutral or ground current to be recorded. The emphasis is on meeting practical power monitoring needs by providing all the features required by your front-line personnel yet at an attractive cost.

Sags / Swells

The LM-5500 series calculates rms voltage and current values every cycle and saves time-stamped event data if they are out of user specified limits. One cycle swell/sag data is then available for every event. Min rms, max rms and average rms values are stored for every storage interval. Text data on up to 3000 events can be saved.


Power Quality Analysis

The LM-5515 and LM-5520 add waveform capture (on event or time trigger), harmonic magnitude recording and paging (modem option required). To avoid aliasing, waveforms are analyzed at a sample rate of 128 samples/cycle and harmonics through the 25th are recorded for later trending and analysis.  In addition the LM-5520 has three sets of relay outputs for performing programmed load control.

Power Consumption Recording

The unit records more than 30 power parameters including KW, KVAR, KVA, True and Displacement Power Factors. The LM-5500 series uses Enetics SMART CT technology whereby each CT’s calibration data is stored on a chip in the connector. This error correction technique achieves a current accuracy of better than 0.3% for CT plus recorder combined, and better than 0.5% for power. The CT’s can be moved from channel to channel or unit to unit without sacrificing accuracy. A wide range of CT’s (including self-powered flexible CT) from 20A to 6000A are available.

Real-Time Data

Real time data is available from the RS-232 port to aid in setup verification. Voltage, current, power, harmonic readings and waveforms are updated every 7 seconds.



The LMS-5700 software consists of two major components, the database (SQL) and the charting/reporting software. The database automatically aggregates data collected from one or more designated sites. Data is easily retrieved to generate the required charts and reports. For user flexibility and extensibility, charts and reports are generated in Microsoft Excel. The Excel worksheet data file can then be exported in various formats and shared among users. Zooming and panning is available on the charts. A key advantage of using an SQL database and Excel is that it is an “open” system, you are not locked into any suppliers’ proprietary software. You can retrieve any data available from the database and/or use the Excel data to generate additional charts and reports.


Voltage   -    4 (single-ended)
Current   -    4 (Simultaneous voltage and current sampling)

Voltage   -    20-600vac
Current   -    CT Dependent (10ma-10,000A)

Non-volatile 4MB.

Sample Rate/Response Time:
32 samples/cycle for interval data
128 samples/cycle for harmonic analysis

Voltage         -    0.2% reading + 0.1% FS
Current          -    0.2% reading + 0.2% FS
Power            -    0.5% reading + 0.01% FS
Power Factor   -    + 1%
THD              -    + 1%

Response Time/Recording Interval
Response Time:  1 cycle
Recording Interval: 15 sec to 1 hour (Wraparound)
Typical Recording Time:

15 Min Interv/16 Parameters   - 100 Days min
15 Min Interv/117 Parameters   - 600 Days min
Software reports storage duration at setup. Waveform  and Event capture storage is independent of interval data storage.
3000 Sag/Swell events can be stored in the non-volatile memory

Up to 25th

Internal Modem Data Rate:                      2.4 kbps
Serial Port and External Modem Data Rate: 57.6 kbps

85 - 265vac, 50 - 440 Hz
Run-through time: 10 sec

Operating Temp Range: -20ºC to +70ºC  
NEMA 4X Enclosure

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