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PowerNode Recorders

The LM-5000 series PowerNode Recorders, part of the PowerScape Power Monitoring System, are 3-phase, 600v recorders capable of simultaneously recording 4 voltages and 4 currents with events, power quality, and power consumption. The IMC option adds harmonic and waveform recording capability, load control and paging on user event. The fourth voltage and current channels can record neutral-ground voltage and neutral or ground current. These units satisfy all practical power monitoring needs by providing all the features required by your front-line personnel yet at an attractive cost.

Key Features

  • Three phase building energy consumption
  • Power quality
  • Capture sag / swell events
  • Real-time waveform capture

In addition to these extensive monitoring capabilities, members of the product family have the ability to perform:

  • Demand control
  • Automatic load control
  • Notification / paging and local alarms based on the monitored data
  • Real-time reading (both locally and remotely)

Enetics PowerNode Products come in 4 configurations to suit the application needs of most Energy Service Companies, Utilities, and Commercial/Industrial user. These are:

  • the LM-1302 form 2S residential meter adapter
  • the LM-5415 portable unit packaged in a rugged, rainproof, non-conducting case with carrying handle
  • the LM-5520 fixed site unit in a NEMA 4X enclosure for mounting permanently on the wall next to the building’s service panel
  • the LM-5320 board-only product for high volume OEM applications.

The PowerNode recorder samples the current and voltage inputs, calculates the various power consumption and power quality parameters, senses voltage sags and swells, then stores this data internally. To make use of this vast amount of energy information, the data must be collected for permanent storage and analysis. This collection process can take place on a scheduled basis or on an ad hoc basis as required. Scheduled data collection is performed via telephone line using the built-in modem or, alternately, through a network connection if the Ethernet option is purchased. It is also possible to collect data directly by connecting a serial cable from a computer to the front panel of the recorder. Typical installations utilize a scheduled upload of data on either a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The PowerScape is the software program used to communicate with the recorder. PowerScape runs on standard personal computers to collect and store data to a Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) database, which maintains a size limit of 2 GB per database. Optionally, the system can be upgraded to use Microsoft SQL Server with no size limitation. PowerScape is also capable of connecting to the recorder to obtain real time readings (locally or remotely) and to fully configure the recorder. Enetics provides macros for Microsoft Excel that will automatically format the data and create useful charts from the database.

When data is collected, it is saved to a data transfer file (.DTF). If currently connected to a database, the data transfer file is immediately imported into the database to allow highly flexible access. In addition, data is stored to a comma-separated values (.CSV) file that can be easily imported into standard spreadsheet packages. Enetics provides Excel macros to format the .CSV files similar to the database query macros. Note that if a database is not available at the time data is collected, the data transfer file will be queued to be imported to the database when a database connection is available at a later time.

To collect and utilize data generated by PowerNode recorders, the following sequence of steps is followed:
  • Install the recorder (resulting in measurement and recording of energy data).
  • Program the recorder using PowerScape software (This step may also be accomplished in advance of installation). Schedule the recorder to transfer its collected data to the PowerScape software on a periodic basis (ex. daily, weekly) via telephone lines if desired, or alternately, set up the BMU to poll the Ethernet-enabled recorders periodically.
  • Use standard spreadsheet programs to analyze power quality and energy consumption interval data, and power quality event data.
  • Generation of data collection reports is accomplished through PowerScape.

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