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Enetics SPEED™ Products    Data Bulletin

Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALMS) is a unique approach to monitoring the energy consumption of major appliances within a home. With NIALMS, a single recording meter is installed at the electrical service entrance and from this location the energy consumption and time of use of each major appliance can be captured. Installation is quick and easy. Re-wiring of appliances is never required. Complete appliance consumption data as well as whole house consumption data is available for every minute of the day. Enetics' NIALMS product has been proven in extensive testing since its initial release in 1996.

Enetics is the sole supplier of this technology in the world today. Our engineering staff has been engaged in research, development and commercialization activities for non-intrusive end-use monitoring since 1993. Enetics' family of NIALMS products is named SPEED™ (Single Point End-use Energy Disaggregation) and employs patented technology.

System Description

SPEED™ is a Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring System (NIALMS) comprised of three primary components: Field Recorder, Master Station, and Analysis Station. It is used to measure the power consumption of individual loads and appliances without directly metering each of the loads. Through analysis of the profile of energy that flows into the residence SPEED™ can monitor the energy consumed by specific loads (appliances) within the premises. The resulting data includes total energy consumed per appliance, as well as time of day "interval" data. In addition to monitoring energy consumption, the product can record and correlate temperature information with energy-use data, help to identify faulty appliances and recognize abnormal energy use. Enetics refers to this product as SPEED™ (Single Point End-use Energy Disaggregation).

Data recorded at each premises is uploaded on a regular basis (typically bi-weekly) to the SPEED™ Master Station. The Master Station collects the data, manages the recorders, and performs the SPEED™ algorithm processing resulting in interval data for whole premises and individual appliances. This data is placed in a database for flexible access by analysis software.

Enetics' Analysis Station is capable of accessing the data from the database and presenting the information to the operator in the form of graphical charts, spreadsheet tables, and summary reports. Analysis Station allows any time period to be viewed for any premises including any subset of appliances. Additionally, Analysis Station provides for the generation of reports for the aggregation of results across multiple premises.

Field Station is a portable tool which can be directly connected to the field recorder using a provided cable. Field Station can be used to verify installation, collect data, and program the recorder.

Product List:

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