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The firmware that runs internally in Enetics’ sophisticated processor-based products, along with Enetics’ backend host software form the core of Enetics’ technology. For Enetics products to be useful to our customers, Enetics’ firmware and software must be easy to install, easy to operate, reliable, and well supported. Each of these objectives is as important as any of the others in achieving enduring customer satisfaction; for this reason proper customer support of our software and firmware products is taken very seriously by Enetics.

Enetics’ technical staff members are as close as your telephone to provide you and your organization with:

  • Information about software operation
  • Assistance in managing your databases
  • Support of installation activities
  • Help in establishing data communications across your Ethernet LAN or telephone
  • Advice on data compatibility and exporting your data
  • Help in formulating reports and other forms of data presentation.

For new customers, 30 days of installation/initiation support is provided without charge. Beyond that, many of our customers elect to participate in our annual software maintenance and support service, LDS-1081.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to many commonly asked questions are maintain in our FAQ list. However, if you are unable to find an answer to your specific question there, you man contact our technical support personnel directly.

Latest Product Versions

The following table of product version information is provided to insure that you are working with the latest version of both hardware and software available form Enetics.

Product Version
LDS-1050 Field Station Software 2.81
LDS-1060 Analysis Station Software 1.60
LDS-1070 Master Station Software 2.31
LMS-5700 PowerScape Software 2.87
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